Queenkaraa Nude Karasfades Onlyfans Leak!


Kara Vera LV Barber well-known by Queenkaraa (Karasfades) for giving Haircuts for her sex tape and nudes that she upload on her onlyfans. Abarber has told how men always ask her out on dates and to be they girlfriend during their haircuts. they can’t resist me. Queenkaraa who gives Haircuts, hot towel shaves, facials, massage and full body wax/shaves.

Kara Vera, who runs KarasFades, recently moved to Las Vegas from California and has proven popular in Sin City. The 26-year-old OnlyFans star is known for wearing lingerie and sitting on her clients laps as she cuts their hair. Prices start at around £100 for a basic hair or beard trim and she charges more to remove clothing and for massages.

They say they wish they had me as a girlfriend so you could do this everyday. I’ve had a lot of guys ask me on dates during service or they will message me after. Of course it makes me feel good. It makes me happy that I can make people feel so good they want to date me. She told how she receives massive tips from clients who love her services. But her fortunes changed when she made an Onlyfans and started wearing less clothing and went viral for her sexy videos.


Date: January 9, 2024

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